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A Summary of Our First Overnight @ Villisca, IA (1-11-13)

The following two paragraphs are summaries we left at the second home located on the same premises the Axe Murder House was on along with an email one of our members, Joel, sent to the owner of the home upon her request.

The email read as follows:

Immediately upon reaching the house and entering, we felt and oppressiveness that none of us had experienced before. The house felt heavy and unsettled, like someone had just gotten done making a lot of noise and the house was still adapting to the deafening silence. We toured the house and got familiar with the layout and then got to setting up. We set up two condenser room mics both recording separate tracks to two laptops. We moved the mics around throughout the night and we plan to enhance and listen to every second of audio from that night given the time. Our plan to take video did not work out as expected, so unfortunately we do not have much there for you. We do have to pictures we’ll definitely send your way, probably along with many others (we got a TON of orbs), some audio (I can already think of one segment you’ll want), and a couple of stories that still have my mind reeling.

The first thing we captured happened in the main family room. Two of our members were attempting to contact the kids by rolling a ball around and talking. We did notice the ball doing some things that were out of the ordinary, but we couldn’t be certain, but we did capture a very nice orb in a picture. We also captured another picture later on, of two smaller orbs sitting on either side of a ball in the center of the room, what we believe to be two children attempting to play one last time. 

We heard a lot of noises and what we decided to call “rumble-thumps” throughout the night, but the first one I heard, was one of the most chilling. In this story, we did bend one of the rules of the house, but it resulted in a very, very interesting observation, one that, I think, points to the presence of the killers spirit. Me and one other member of the crew were alone in the house. we stared downstairs in the bedroom, didn’t get much and decided to go upstairs. Immediately upon entering the stairway, we felt something. We walked around upstairs and decided we would sit in the attic. This is where we bent a rule, sorry. We knew the killer was assumed to have smoked cigarettes in the attic while he waited, so, the other member that was with me, lit one, he didn’t smoke it, just lit it to get a little of the smell in the room. Now, he smokes a type of cigarette that has very little additives and lacks something he called an “accelerrant”, which makes it burn down faster, and makes it burn even when no ones smoking it. Because his cigarettes do not have these, they are supposed to “put themselves out” if no one smokes them for 30 seconds to a minute. When he lit the cigarette, only a portion of it was lit. The whole tip lit, and stayed lit for 6 minutes, we ended up having to put it out. This should not have happened. During this time, I captured a faint orb on my camera. He confirmed that the cigarette wasn’t an anomaly by going outside and letting it put itself out, which it did in less than a minute. As he was about to come back upstairs (I was alone up there) we both clearly heard the attic door, which was mostly closed, tapping against the threshold, that’s when we decided to switch with those in the barn.

The other big incident, also included me. at about 11:15 me and my friend Kevin were moving a mic from the cellar, up to the parents bedroom. It was just us in the house. As were we’re preparing to place the mic, something that absolutely blew our minds occurred. I was standing on the stairs, probably 5 steps from the top, just before the turn to the left, and Kevin was standing with his back to the window that is to your right when you reach the top of the steps. As we were discussing where to put the mic, we both heard a very distinct noise from the first floor. It sounded like something soft, but heavy, being dropped on the floor (this is when we coined “rumble-thump”). We looked at each other and confirmed that we both heard it. I called down the stairs “Is anyone down there?” and seconds after that I heard Kevin yell. “Something just touched me!” As it sank in what just happened, we started to become very uneasy. It couldn’t have been the curtains, Kevin was wearing a sweater and a leather jacket. We basically ran out of the house, and when Kevin lifted up his shirt, we were shocked. There were four very clear red lines running up his back where he was touched. We have them on camera, and we have the noise and us freaking out recorded.

and the following is the page we left inside the second home for fellow ghostseekers who visit Villisca, IA.

Tonight was filled with excitement and rumble-thumps. We heard a lot of unexplained noises coming from all around the house, but the rooms upstairs held the most activity. Upstairs we experienced shuffled feet, footsteps and other noises. These noises were shared throughout the house but what the other levels didn’t have was full-contact. One of our members, the most handsome and easily the most buoyant, was patted on the back in the not-so-master bedroom. It didn’t stop there a completely and entirely different member of team Polterghost, who also shared a high buoyancy level felt pinches on the hand as if a young padowan desired his gaze. Although these two incidents were the extent of our physical inquires we experienced strategically placed technical short-fallings. Amidst a wild goose chase one of our members who suffers from both a low buoyancy level and low APM, was following scuffles towards the upstairs when our audio picker-upper, only upstairs mind you, doubled it’s static and was immediately followed by the rumble thump of the night. Many other events happened but we wish to analyze our music audio. will send our evidence once finished

Stay Spooky,

Team PolterGhost

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